New release of WordPress 4.7. Upgrade it safely.

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WordPress 4.7 was released on December 20.

Is it worth upgrading to WordPress 4.7?

The short answer is yes. WordPress releases upgrades quite often, but unfortunately they do not run as smoothly as one would wish. Issues with plugins and themes compatibility arise.

Upgrading WordPress

WordPress Upgrades are of two kinds: major releases and point releases (or maintenance releases). Major release is a release of a piece of software which is not merely a revision or a bug fix release but which contains substantial changes (e.g., an overhaul of the interface, change in compatibility, etc.). Maintenance release or revision is a release which only introduces small changes or new features.

Let us sum up, upgrading CMS will save your website (your copyrighted content) from a number of potential issues. Our team will assist you in quick and stable transition to a new version. Contact us.