Description: Corporate website for an US consulting IT company

Platform: CMS WordPress


Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap

Other technologies:
  • SEO based on Google Analytics
  • All in one multipurpose landing page
  • Front-end framework (Bootstrap)

Sribna Polyana

Description: Sribna Polyana

Platform: CMS WordPress


Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap

Other technologies:
  • SEO
  • Convenient CMS
  • Front-end framework (Bootstrap)

R&D Company ‘ROST’

Description: Company website of the Research & Development Company ‘ROST’

Platform: CMS WordPress


Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap

Other technologies:
  • SEO
  • Convenient CMS
  • Front-end framework (Bootstrap)

König Ludwig

Description: Online merchandise store for a German beer company

Platform: CMS Magento CE v


Programming languages:: PHP, JavaScript , CMS Magento, jQuery

Modules used:
  • Belvg_FacebookFree
  • DHL_Intraship
  • Ebizmart_MageMonkey
  • Firegento_MageSetup
  • German_LocalePackDe
  • Magehouse_Infinity

PriSe App

Description: US-based IT company website

Technologies / libraries: PHP5, MySQL5, CSS3

Solution benefits:
  • Landing page
  • Dynamic CMS
  • Social media marketing


Description: Online fireplace store (Germany)

Platform: CMS Magento Community Edition version

Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery

CMS modules:
  • Auguria Slider
  • SOFORT Payments Methods
  • One Step / Page Checkout


Description: Company website & online store

Platform: CMS Magento

Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, CMS Magento, jQuery

CMS modules:
  • Aoe_Scheduler 0.3.2
  • TM_EasyLightbox 1.0.0
  • FlyWebservices_PaypalFee 0.1.0
  • Magentix_Fee 0.1.5

System health products

Description: Online health products store ‘Vitamax XXI Century’

Technologies / Libraries: Website: Codeigniter 1.7.2, PHP5, MySQL5, CSS2, User Authorization: Zend AC, SEO

Website modules:
  • Item catalogues: prices for distributors, prices for online store, multilevel categories, pages and categories search.
  • Admin bar: managing users, managing static pages, managing catalogues, managing dynamic pages.

Solar battery sizing calculator

Description: A part of online store sizing solar batteries

Programming languages: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Json editor, JavaScript

BGS Solutions

Description: Enterprise portal for an IT company offering cutting edge solutions in business management, in implementing various complex projects, and in enhancing cost effectiveness and competitiveness of business clients.

Programming languages:
  • Website: PHP5, MySQL5, CSS2
  • User authentication: PHP, MySQL
  • Banner on the main page: Jquery
  • Banner "Our clients": Flash CS4, Actionscript 3.0, Papervision 3D

Solution benefits:
  • Admin bar concept
  • Management of clients’ pages
  • Managing system for uploading and downloading documents


Description: ClearKarma is the first introduction of Track&Trace in catering service. It was developed in order to inform choice of their customers and to make a choice of food safer (to trace ingredients of restaurant menu to their producers via suppliers)


Programming languages: Java EE, JS

Technologies / Libraries:AngularJS, Bootstrap, Json editor, Grant, Bower, i18next, slf4j, Jersey (REST), Maven

CISO Handbook

  • Information security consulting company portal.
  • Security Portfolio Manager (SPM) is an online application that helps organizations (customers) to strategically manage IT projects in the field of security. This app helps to collect priorities and make informed investment decisions in the project. As a result, you receive a portfolio, which determines a secure roadmap for your organization.
  • The goal is to create a simple, secure and collaborative tool that can help businesses overcome security issues. Security Portfolio Manager is the result of a combination of these principles with a pragmatic approach to management of IT security projects. This application uses a simple process consisting of 5 steps.

Technologies / Libraries: ASP.NET, C#, Net Framework 3.5, jQuery

KM Ware Website

IT company website; full development cycle:
  • Design and layout
  • Development of backend
  • Front End design
  • Preparing and managing web content

Technologies / Libraries: PHP (Drupal), MySql, JavaScript, HTML/CSS


Description: Online e-liquids store

Platform: CMS Magento


Programming languages:  PHP, JavaScript, CMS Magento, jQuery

Modules used:
  • Ess_M2ePro 6.3.4
  • Creativestyle_AmazonPayments 1.6.4