Web Design

Design of your webpage reflects your style. From the first sight it tells your potential clients what to expect. Web designer is the first person to shape and tint your clients’ impression. Carefully thought over design is one of the main factors determining number of visitors on your page. To design a website means to make it look attractive, to raise interest. Good website design is , not distracting visitors from website’s main task – communicating information. Successful design is unique, user-friendly and corresponds to company’s style and brandbook.


If you want your resource to be noticed and read by visitors, we can offer you custom web design. When working on your web page we will produce an exclusive scenario, well-thought structure and elements. We will work on all needs of our client. Individual style enhances style and character of a resource. If you need a resource to attract new clients, maintain interest of your target group or boost image of your company, we will gladly offer you tailor-made solutions. Creative ideas will ensure your success.

Template Based Design

An alternative to custom web design is template based design. It is a less costly and less time consuming option. Using a template is quicker and more convenient compared to exclusive custom design. If you chose this option, a professional needs to fine-tune existing template according to your needs.

User Interface/User eXperience Design

Attractive design is important but usability is also essential. That is why we pay a lot of attention to careful design of functionality. Usability for online stores and Web portals. In our work we rely on the last word in UI/UX design.

Our design services

Online store design

Online store design combines esthetics and functionality. Intuitive navigation, accessibility of information, attractive design influence conversion and make a visitor want to stay on your website, to buy your products or services. Functionality and visualization are the most important aspects of online store design.

Corporate website

Corporate website is your representation in the Internet, it is an image of your company. Carefully planned design of a corporate website will highlight your strengths and boost your image. Designing a corporate website is a part of marketing strategy. An impression your website produces has a direct impact on your company.

Landing Page

This is a popular trend nowadays. It is used to promote a certain product or service. Just a single page can sell more products or services than a whole website. Landing page has several advantages compared to a full-scale website. Our specialists will gladly help you to choose the most efficient concept.

Responsive design

Responsive design implies the formatting of Website design in a way that it most optimal for viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, including traditional PCs, smartphones and tablet devices. Primary reason to keep your design responsive is to increase the reach of your application to a larger user base using an array of devices. Responsive design improves the usability of the product.

Redesigning your Website

If you need to bring up-to-date your existing internet-resource we can offer you our redesigning services: updating your webpage according to the current trending tendencies in Web design. This includes cost efficient upgrades to visual representation and functionality of online stores and services. We will give your resource a new life and update it in a very short time and cost efficiently.