Internet Business Strategy

Brand promotion plan

Product promotion strategy is a key element of any marketing plan. It contains promotion objectives, basic principles and approaches for marketing communications and brand messaging, and overall long-term marketing strategies.
Our team develops marketing plans for promotion of goods / products.
An important step is to develop a program of promotion and brand communication strategy.

Communication strategy

Planning brand promotion begins with the development of a common communication strategy. It contains main promotion objectives for a year, target audience of the campaign, indicators to evaluate effectiveness of the promotion strategy, costs, and a brief outline of supporting key brand launches.

Advertising budget

Total promotion budget with an ATL / BTL breakdown.

Key launches

Describe major events and brand launches, which require support.

Advertising effectiveness criteria

We measure the total effectiveness of your advertising: who it is reaching, how it is resonating, and consumers’ loyalty.

Target audience

Preparing campaign for one or several target audiences.

Media targets (media indicators)

Reaching your audience, frequency of contacts with your message, priority support channels and the expected share of votes in each sales channel.

Communication objectives

Creating awareness, imparting knowledge, projecting an image, shaping attitudes, stimulating a want or desire, and effecting a sale.

Target market

Select key markets and regions for communication.

Support strategy for online stores

Due to its efficiency Internet has become the most sought-after channel of communication. Thus more often than ever brand support strategy in the Internet and social media marketing is considered to be a separate stage of the product promotion plan. It consists of the following steps:

  • Main objectives of the Internet strategy.
  • Brand news and events our clients want to support via the Internet.
  • main channels and formats of interaction with audience: website, social media, banners, direct advertising, publications on other websites and unique content, e-digests, reviews and feedback.
  • Detailed itemized budget for the Internet support.
  • Key benefits of communication in comparison with major competitors.
  • List of creative materials necessary for BTL support.
  • Description of main activities on the Internet: main objectives, support region, target audience, time, duration, media indicators.
  • Effectiveness forecast for each proposed action.


Result of any promotion plan is a well-structured and detailed media plan, i.e., timeline of brand’s marketing communication including description of all target media indicators of your product support.